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New Version 1.170301.1052

Mar 1, 2017
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Version 1.170204.1120

Feb 4, 2017
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Update: Version 1.161206.1749

Dec 6, 2016
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Update: Version 1.161205.2029

Dec 5, 2016
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Update: Version 1.161130.1641

Nov 30, 2016
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BIG UPDATE - Now use Amazon Echo or Google Home to trigger actions. - Version 1.161129.0245

Nov 29, 2016
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Upcoming changes

Nov 15, 2016
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Update: Version 1.161015.0931

Oct 15, 2016
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Update: Version 1.160929.1857

Sep 29, 2016
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Update: Version 1.160912.1836

Sep 12, 2016
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Update: Version 1.160908.2034

Sep 11, 2016
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Version 1.160822.2009

Aug 22, 2016
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Update Version 1.160819.1537 - Broadlink RM Pro support.

Aug 19, 2016
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Update: Version 1.160817.1108

Aug 17, 2016
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Update: Version 1.160816.2041

Aug 16, 2016
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Confirmed way to get Dash buttons for free!

Aug 16, 2016
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Update Version 1.160813.1821

Aug 13, 2016
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Version 1.160812.2020

Aug 12, 2016
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Important changes in new version.

Aug 10, 2016
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New website.

Aug 6, 2016
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Where can I get Dash Buttons?

Dash buttons are only available from Amazon.  Typically they cost $4.99 but occasionally are on sale for $.99 each.  When used to order products from Amazon, they give you a credit towards items purchased but this does not apply when using with DashRunner.


Can I test the software without a Dash Button?

To enable the ability test the functionality of what actions would perform before you have a Dash button, you can create a 'virtual button' that will run the associated actions that would be run when an actual Dash button is associated with them.  Just select 'virtual button' when adding a new button.


Doesn't pressing the button order products from Amazon?

During the setup of the Dash button via the Amazon app, just skip the last step where a product is selected for association with the button.


Does DashRunner work with more than on button?

The number of buttons is only limited by available IP addresses on your network. Each button is uniquely identified and can be assigned different actions or series of actions.

What can DashRunner control?

Currently actions consist of controlling Philips Hue lighting, Nest thermostats, IFTTT triggers, WeMo switches, sending email, sending text messages, and running any Windows application.


Can you make it work with product X?

Since it started out as a program for my personal use, currently the only systems it works with are ones that I have access to.  Using an external program that can be executed with parameters to control something is available via the 'Run a Command' function.  Additionally if product X is supported via IFTTT, triggering a recipe is simple via the Maker Channel.


Why is there a few second delay from when the button is pressed until the actions occur?

The Dash buttons are not actually on all the time.  When you press the button, it turns on, connects to the wifi and attempts to send a command via the Internet to Amazon to order a product.  Unfortunately this prevents being able to detect a 'double click' of the button due to the delay.


Why is this any different than using a phone app to do this?

(In my opinion) there are times where having a physical button available for a specific function (or series) that anyone can use and is dead simple to use, can be very handy.  A good example is having a button at the bedside to turn off all lights, or turning on and off a fan plugged into a WeMo controlled outlet.  This eliminates the need your phone handy (some people don't keep their phone by the bed), or having the light from a phone or table disturb you or you significant other.

Also being able to perform a series of actions is much easier than opening and navigating through multiple applications.