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New Version 1.170301.1052

Mar 1, 2017
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Version 1.170204.1120

Feb 4, 2017
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Update: Version 1.161206.1749

Dec 6, 2016
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Update: Version 1.161205.2029

Dec 5, 2016
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Update: Version 1.161130.1641

Nov 30, 2016
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BIG UPDATE - Now use Amazon Echo or Google Home to trigger actions. - Version 1.161129.0245

Nov 29, 2016
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Upcoming changes

Nov 15, 2016
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Update: Version 1.161015.0931

Oct 15, 2016
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Update: Version 1.160929.1857

Sep 29, 2016
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Update: Version 1.160912.1836

Sep 12, 2016
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Update: Version 1.160908.2034

Sep 11, 2016
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Version 1.160822.2009

Aug 22, 2016
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Update Version 1.160819.1537 - Broadlink RM Pro support.

Aug 19, 2016
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Update: Version 1.160817.1108

Aug 17, 2016
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Update: Version 1.160816.2041

Aug 16, 2016
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Confirmed way to get Dash buttons for free!

Aug 16, 2016
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Update Version 1.160813.1821

Aug 13, 2016
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Version 1.160812.2020

Aug 12, 2016
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Important changes in new version.

Aug 10, 2016
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New website.

Aug 6, 2016
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Broadlink RM Pro

DashRunner now supports full integration of the Broadlink RM Pro.

The RM Pro is an inexpensive IR+RF blaster that will alow you to send codes to anything controled by IR or RF.  (Ex. TV, set-top box, air conditioner, fan, motorized curtains, cheap electric plugs, etc.)


You can purchase them for approx. $30-$40 and place them in the room where the devices you want to control are.  If you are using IR they generally need to be in a line of sight of the RM Pro.  It has several IR emitters so it sends in practically all directions.

In my experience this is an inexpensive powerful way to control IR+RF devices.   Amazon has a 5 pack of RF controlled electrical plugs for $29.  The biggest drawback that I found is what needs to be done in order to integrate it with anything other than a smart-phone / tablet.


There is no Windows API (at this point) available.  Broadlink is very guarded when it comes to getting access to the device.  That being said, a couple of French programmers have came up with an Android app called RM Bridge that creates a REST API that can be utilized.


Cutting to the chase on this, you need to have the RM Bridge software always running on some Android device on the same network.  My first thought was "Ughh, I'll look for another solution."  Then after not finding any real cost-effective similar solutions, (one looked good but it's very new and supply is limited / ships from China) I realized that the Android app is very lightweight and I have a Samsung tablet that is always on anyway.  Even you don't have some spare low-end Android device, janky old Android phone with a cracked screen, etc. laying around, cheap tablets are abundant.


Why would I want one?

As with any automation gadget like this, once you have one the wheels get spinning on uses.


My personal first use was to use in a sequence at night time that turns off lights, sets temperature, and waits 20 minutes (usual time required for the wife to fall asleep), then stops the Plex streaming and turns the TV off.


Easily turn on all TV / AV equipment and an RF controlled fireplace as part of a list of actions that turn on lights, etc. for "Streaming Media and Chill" night.